Flat Roof Windows

Have you been considering having a flat roof installed in your kitchen, hallway or home conversion or extension? VELUX flat roofs are great for all types of rooms and offer a great way to add more light into a room.

Flat roof windows have been rigorously designed by VELUX to keep out all the elements and can be combined with their other products including electric operation to offer you the flexibility to control the amount of fresh air and light a room receives day or night in comfort.

VELUX Flat Roof windows can be used for both new installations or as a replacements to existing VELUX products on installations.


New Flat Roof Windows


How will a new flat roof window benefit my home? Flat roof windows are a practical solution and especially for rooms, kitchens or hallways that lack the amount of conventional windows – they add a breath of fresh air to the room and really help to light up and open up the space giving an airy feel. These really can help to improve and transform your living space.

As with other VELUX windows and products the flat roof windows have been specially designed with you in mind and boast brilliant insulation values so that you can keep the weather outside and your home to the temperature you want!

  • Energy efficient with an interior area U-value of 1.4W/m2K (certified to EN 12567-2) and an external surface area U-value of 0.72W/m2K (certified to EN 1873).
  • Excellent sound insulation from rain and hail
  • Polycarbonate cover designed simply to protect the double glazed unit below from rain and snow
  • Polycarbonate cover available in clear or opaque
  • Double glazed unit has a toughened outer pane and laminated inner pane which complies to class P2A, according to EN 356.
  • Kerb and sash made of extruded hard PVC profiles
  • Rain sensor closes window automatically with INTEGRA® electric version
  • New 15cm extension kerb allows installation in warm or sedum roof constructions

Prices start from £436.00 (ex. VAT from 1st Feb 2014)

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Comes as a fixed window as standard. You can add INTEGRA® electric operation so that you can remotely open the window from anywhere in your home.


Comes as a fixed as standard operation. You can add INTEGRA® electric operation so that you can control the ventilation remotely from anywhere in your home.

White finish

The frame and sash are made from high quality white PVC.

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Flat Roof Kerb (ECX)


Just imagine what adding a Kerb mounted roof window will do to your home.

The Flat Roof Kerb (ECX) allows you the flexibility to select the most appropriate type of Roof Window for your application such as white polyurethane finish or INTEGRA® electric or solar powered.

The kerb is angled at 19°, allowing rain and dirt to drain away.

  • Insulated timber kerb to allow the installation of standard VELUX Roof Window in a flat roof.
  • Allows you select the insulated timber kerb to match the size of your Roof Window.
  • Roof Window not included. Allows you the flexibility to select the most appropriate type of Roof Window for your application such as white polyurethane finish or INTEGRA®.
  • Glazing with a laminated pane is recommended for high level application.
  • Window perimeter flashing supplied. On-site flashing for the kerb required.
  • 10 year VELUX guarantee.

Prices starting from £306.00 (ex. VAT from 1st Feb 2014)

Kerb Flat Roof Operation
Kerb Flat Roof Ventilation
Kerb Flat Roof Finish


Choosing an electrically operated window allows for opening and closing from anywhere in your home.

Ventilation Flap

Our unique ventilation bar allows fresh air in, even when the window is closed.


Flexibility to choose between a natural pine finish or white polyurethane finish window.