VELUX INTEGRA® Electric & Solar Powered Roof Windows



When windows are out-of-reach Electric and Solar powered roof windows could be the perfect solution or even if they are not out of reach they could be perfect for adding that little bit of extra comfort and luxury.

These have been made easy to install and come with a pre-fitted programmable hidden motor.

VELUX INTEGRA® Electric Roof Windows all come with a fully programmable remote allowing you to operate single or multiple VELUX roof windows, blinds and roller blinds from anywhere in the home/property.

Product features:

You’ll get all the advantages of VELUX’s standard GGU and GGL roof windows, and in addition to this you will get:

A hidden pre-fitted motor that opens and closes the window – This can be operated manually with a remote control or using the rain sensors to enable automatic operation.

  • The complete kit including motor, control and rain sensors are all carefully produced and tested at VELUX’s factories and are tested to the highest standards.
  • Additional VELUX products and accessories can be easily added and combined with the INTEGRA® system at any time including Blinds, Rollers and more.


INTEGRA® Electric Roof Windows



VELUX INTEGRA® Electric Roof Windows – When windows are out-of-reach these could be the perfect solution.

Product features

  • Operate single or multiple Roof Windows, Blinds, Awnings & Roller Shutters using the fully programmable control pad.
  • Comes with pre-fitted motor
  • Plug straight in using the power supply – Easy to Install
  • Can be operated from anywhere in the home / building using the control pad
  • Available with a battery backup
  • Choose your glazing options for better energy efficiency and or noise reduction

Prices start from £546.00 (ex. VAT from 1st Feb 2014)


INTEGRA® Solar Powered Roof Windows



With all the same features as INTEGRA® Electric Roof Windows but powered by the sun – PV solar cell on the external window frame charges the operating motor. This requires direct exposure to the sunlight.

No need to plug into a power supply, making installation even quicker and easier.

Prices start from £581.00 (ex. VAT from 1st Feb 2014)

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Glazing options


–70 pane

Laminated inner pane for safety.

–60 pane

Laminated inner pane for safety with easy to clean coating for ease of cleaning, plus greater energy efficiency and enhanced noise reduction.

–66 pane

A triple glazed unit that offers an excellent level of thermal insulation. East to clean & Anti-dew coating.

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