Top-Hung Roof Window

Panorama view

Top-hung roof windows open outwards and are hinged from the top of the window to allow more headroom and more expansive panoramic views.

Ideal if the bottom handle can be easily reached to operate.



Get the benefits of a top hung roof window

Ventilation without having to open a window.

VELUX have cleverly integrated a ventilation flap that will allow fresh air through a insect & dust filter when the window is closed – Ideal for cold and rainy days or nights and help create a healthy living environment.


Redesign control bar


Ergonomic correct

Subtle icons have been added to indicate the positions of ventilation:

No ventilation (closed window)


Ventilation cut (closed window)


Room ventilation (open window)



The Control Bar Design

Jacob Jensen (designer of Bang & Olufsen) has cleverly redesigned the top control bar to offer a better quality grip and flexibility.


Unobstructed view

Clear views

Top-hung roof windows offer a unobstructed clear view and give a feeling of freshness and space.

Max functionality

Max functionality

Dual opening system:

  • Control bar at the top (opening rotation)
  • Handle at the bottom (opening projection)

Safe and easy to clean

VELUX have designed the windows so you can rotate the sash to 180° and lock the window with the barrel bolt allowing you to safely and easily clean them.



All VELUX Roof Windows are supplied with a 10 year guarantee for your peace of mind.

See VELUX’s guarantee document for full details.

Top-Hung roof windows are also available in a motorised version with remote control. See VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows.


VELUX system patented ThermoTechnologyTM

Max isolation

Two specific materials have been used by VELUX for the construction of the roof windows in order to secure a sufficiently low U-value and an excellent energy efficiency.

Expanded polystyrene and additional insulation elements have been added to the window sash and frame and created to visually blend into VELUX roof windows appearance. In addition to this thermally modified timber and heat treated wood in an oven at over 175°C, have been added as reinforcement in the sash and frame of our Polyurethane roof windows.



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