Make 2024 your year to not move, improve!

Don’t move, improve! 2024 is here! It is the perfect time to think about resolutions for the next year! With the Brexit approaching or if you consider changing your lifestyle – maybe you also think about moving or just improving your home.

More Londoners than ever are improving and refurbishing their homes because of the expenses and because it is one of the most inspiring things a homeowner can do.

We found a lot of reasons for improving the space available and here are the top 3 so don’t move, improve!:

Get creative

Use your imagination to create a great space where you can move your home office, transform it into the kids room or use it as a place for relaxation. With the help of a talented advisor, you can have a brand new space that will give you inspiration on a daily basis.

Declare it your HOME project and see how well-designed homes can improve the quality of your life and create functional space solutions on the smallest houses. Design and recycle your space creatively and all your neighbours will be amazed by the renovations.

Save some money

Searching for a new home means a lot of costs that you don’t take into consideration from the beginning. Put your hard-earned money to better use by improving your home, in preparation for when you do decide to sell.

Be creative with the space you want to change and then use the money you saved for a nice vacation with your family, to do some shopping or to get a full day at SPA. There are a lot of nice options to use those saved money.

Invest for the future

You can increase the value of your house by choosing practical ways to improve your rooms. According to researchers, the bathroom and the kitchen are top-of-mind when thinking about renovations.

Most of the home-owners are expected to spend between £2,000-£20,000 this year, so it looks like it’s a trend. Garage conversions, loft conversions and house extensions are also very popular among the homeowners. Looks like 2024 will be the year of improvements!

What about improving your kitchen?

If you plan to maximize the space in your kitchen, the place where you spend a lot of time if you are passionate about cooking, 2024 can be the year. We have a few ideas on how to redecorate

Change the wall colours

Give your kitchen a new personality by changing the colour of one or more walls. Choose your favorite colour or go for the trend of the next year. You can ask for expert advice on how to mix the colours of the elements of your room so you can enjoy the fresh change. Add a new decoration depending on the season, so you will always have a surprising place where you can enjoy your passion.

Create an open-space

You can increase the space of your living by creating an island between the place where you serve the meals and the place where you cook them. An open-space will give you the opportunity to lighten your room and make it functional by increasing your space so don’t move, improve!

Rethink your dining area

Add more light to the place where you prepare your food so you can cook at every time of the day. Add some storage so you can place all the instruments and napkins you need so you can have them at hand. It will be so easy and delightful to prepare food for you and your dear ones.

Improve the children’s room

Separate the place where they play from the total surface of their room. In this way, they can easily clean up their toys and you won’t step on the lego piece when you want to organise their room better. You can also have a quick meeting with them, asking them how they would like to redecorate or simply call our experts so they can help you with some creative and practical ideas.

Change the wall colours, buy new furniture or create some more space. The kids will be very excited about the changes.

In conclusion, there are a lot of ways of improving and redecorating your home! Write down your ideas for the next year and let us give you some inspiration from our experts!

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