How to decorate your home for Christmas with your own creations

Decorating a house in anticipation of Christmas is almost as fun as opening presents on Christmas morning. Whether you’re having guests over for a holiday party or you want to make your house feel cosy and festive for your family, this article explains how to display your original craftwork, rather than shopping boring Christmas stuff. 

Christmas decorations set the mood, so get every inch of your house into the holiday spirit with these creative decorating ideas for spaces big and small. Also, get your family and kids to participate in making Christmas decorations and make this a family project. Besides saving money, you will also enjoy doing the project together.

We all know that red, green and gold are three colours which are traditionally associated with Christmas. Evergreen plants have been used for thousands of years to decorate and brighten up buildings during the long dark winter. They also reminded people that spring would come and that winter wouldn’t last forever. Both red and gold are the colours of fire that you need to keep you warm. So, that being said, you must bring in different textures and shades by adding greens, plaid, and knits all in one Christmas ready space. And if you use real evergreen, it’ll smell equally festive.

Also, creating a welcoming ambience for the holidays can be super simple and easily achieved. By opting for golden lights on your tree, garland, and more, you are instantly setting the mood for festivities while crafting a cosy atmosphere.

Instead of a traditional tree stand, set your tree up on a sledge. Add a sheepskin rug underneath and turn your living room into a winter wonderland. But if you want something new, stack your books in the shape of a Christmas tree, then string some lights on them. Don’t forget that what’s under your tree counts just as much as what’s on it. This one can be an eco-friendly alternative to Christmas trees.

Have giant windows? Think how amazing they’ll look with a garland draped over them. You can also dress up your garland by crafting a wreath out of three gold rings. Add in fresh citrus, like lemons or oranges, for extra colour. 

You can’t find ornaments in colours that complement your décor? Make your own by filling clear glass ornaments with different acrylic paint colours. You can place cut sprigs of pine in skinny-necked, water-filled bottles and top with tapered candles for a stunning and simple arrangement; or, if it just isn’t Christmas without fresh greenery for you, try this: just glue greenery to wooden dowels, then stack on your wall in the shape of a tree.

The easiest way to test out dramatic holiday decor is on your table. Dress up a dinner party with lush garland, silver candle holders, and don’t forget to complete each set with a cinnamon stick. 

Because Christmas ornaments are so much more special when they have sentimental value, here’s a fun way to use vintage wooden spools: Wrap them with an assortment of thread, baker’s twine, ribbon to provide pops of colour, then attach them to a wreath form. 

Another exciting idea is to hang photographs of your family during childhood, adulthood, best days and worst days. Take your friends for a walk down memory lane with old pictures. Nothing is more charming than reminiscing good old days with a bunch of friends.

Because you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you want to add some Christmas cheer to your kitchen, but you also don’t want it to get in your way. A small wreath hanging from the window does the trick and will remind you of the holiday season while you’re washing dishes. Also, you can create your very own teeny-tiny winter wonderland! Turn salt and pepper shakers into snowy vignettes by filling them with small winter toys, then place them out on display. 

Decorating your home during Christmas can be a lot of fun, especially when done with your loved ones. It is a great way to bond with family and friends, so work up your imagination, and create magic with Christmas decorations! 

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