How to create an inspiring bedroom for our kids when you only have a small room

Does your teen or younger child’s bedroom need a makeover? Just like adults, kids want a comfortable, functional bedroom that’s a pleasure to retreat to at the end of the day.

As school is fast approaching, we have a few valuable tips for parents to create cool study rooms and bedrooms for children of all ages. Or maybe if you need to kick-start your child’s study habits, a change of scenery might help. A back-to-school homework space, or bedroom that has a work space incorporated, that’s quiet for focus, colourful for inspiration and organised to reduce distractions would make homework time a pleasure for most kids.

Children’s rooms that are small can be a challenge when it comes to decorating, but a small space should not keep your kids having a bright, uncluttered place to play and do homework. With a little bit of inspiration, it can be easy and inexpensive to turn these into fun, attractive, and organised spaces. Regardless of the size of the space, you can create a remarkable and affordable children’s space. Best of all, if you are thinking to run a more significant project and need help you create the coolest back-to-school homework space ever, get in touch. 

Once your child is old enough to have regular homework and study time, he or she needs an area designed for focused schoolwork and another area to relax and daydream. You don’t need anything elaborate—a simple desk and adjustable chair are enough for homework time, and a comfortable chair, beanbag or loveseat is perfect for much-needed downtime after a hard day at school.

When planning a homework space, remember these five important elements:

1. Colour: use bold and invigorating paint colours or wallpapers.

2. Furniture: have at least the essentials in the room like a small desk with storage and a comfortable chair when you don’t have the crucial space. 

In a small bedroom, maximise space by pushing the bed against the wall, so that the head of the bed is in a corner. This simple move will open up the floor for playtime or just giving you more space to move around.

3. Lighting: it is essential to have plenty of light, natural if possible.

Here are some fresh options from Waifair  and Not on High Street. Let us know in the comments below, which are your favourites. 

4. Storage: include lots of storage options like shelves, cork or magnetic board, baskets and containers to keep the space tidy.

In the early years, lots of baskets or clear plastic lidded boxes sized to fit neatly side-by-side will be ideal so that your son or daughter can see the contents. This is the best way to store small items such as crayons and pens, Lego and other building toys, miniature plastic animals and dolls which are really loved by this age group. 

As your child grows, you might dispense with some of the baskets, but not all of them. They will still come in handy for beads and other small craft supplies, paint or markers, and small toys. Open shelves can hold books, trophies and school items. Teens will probably fill the shelves with books and collectables. Or cacti, if they have green fingers.  

Let’s not forget the under-bed storage. One or two large clear plastic under-bed storage boxes always come in handy. Depending on the age of your child they are perfect for holding out-of-season clothing, large pads of drawing paper, artwork your child wants to save, board games, or electronic equipment. 

 5. Follow their interests: add some things that are personal to your child’s style, like monogrammed items, a favourite colour or personal wall art. We came across these inspirational wall art ideas from Icon Wall Stickers. We hope it will inspire you to add a bit of magic to your child bedroom. 

A little creativity and some essential pieces can help you create an attractive, functional spot that both children and adults would appreciate.

For valuable home improvements if you would like to discuss any of our services call us on 020 8537 0361 or visit check or services page for more details.

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